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You need to acknowledge it before you can work on it! @ Mahendra Kapady.

In any endeavor of life, we all face problems. I am quite fortunate enough that I faced while I was just 25 years old. I was surrounded by so much quite often the stress, the fear, the tension ultimately forced me to think upon and work towards change. And it really made me a different person and I feel I am quite successful today.

See, most of the time we struggle with the problem and we cannot overcome it faster as expected, why? Because we are not talented enough? Nope, that’s not the reason.

The reason can be – we are not honest with ourselves, our failure to accept! The first step to finding a solution to any problem is “Acknowledgment.” Accept that you are in a problem. Don’t operate under the fallacy no its not that big deal, I am alright, I am not sure, I think so. I think it would get sort out, I hope so. Nope! None of this is going to help you automatically.

Working on the resolve, towards the solution is the next step, first, you need to acknowledge that you are in a problem. You have a problem and you may need some help.

Most of the time in our life we get stuck in the ultimate ego of self-reliance that we feel inferior to ask for help from someone and we feel that we are capable enough, knowledgeable enough, strong enough to solve our own problems. I have no doubt about your capability. I had been through that way and I wasted almost a year with that vague chain of thoughts.

For example – if you are not feeling well and you go to the doctor, then instead of accepting your pain what if you give some vague answers. I think I am alright. I don’t know whether I am ill, I am alright just need some rest. I would be okay just feeling some uneasiness. See, the doctor would never be able to you. You got to be specific and share the thoughts, problems clearly. When there is clarity, there is power, and solutions can be reached faster.

See, you might be under the notion “I know it All.” But trust me that if you have known enough you could have solved your problem till now or wouldn’t have been getting into the problem. Accept that you don’t know how to resolve for now and start looking for help.

Once you accepted the problem you have the next step  –

Share it with your circle of trust. Most importantly do not modulate the facts, truth to earn any sort of sympathy. If you really want the right solution from the people you are sharing you must be genuine, you should stop modulating the truth at your convenience. Share truth as truth. Blunt and naked.

You must share your problem with your circle of trust without editing and must brace yourself for straight talk. The straight talk may not be what you like but it is something which is right for you. See, when you are into a problem you must expect some turbulence while coming out from it. “you cannot fight with the fear you cannot see ^ you cannot solve the problem you fail to acknowledge.” Acceptance brings clarity which drives us to resolve.

You need to accept it before you can work on it. Awareness leads to acceptance and acceptance breeds the action!

– Mahendra Kapady.


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