The Man Who Designed A Car Without Reverse Gear!

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What if I make a mistake? I made a mistake last time & I was feeling very embarrassed. That’s why I am not making an attempt. I am making sure I need to do that perfectly. A friend of mind shared his concern while we were having a conversation. He was quite terrified not to make mistake. So, I want to share a perspective about the process of Making Mistakes!

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By The Legendary philosopher & Creative Director Paul Arden.

You made a mistake or You are scared of making mistakes. So, what’s the big deal? We all make mistakes! Mistakes make sure you are making an attempt to be the better version of who you are! Sometimes, Mistakes is the bridge between who you are and who you want to become!

Every person who has made a noteworthy contribution has made a mistake in his life. Show me a person who hasn’t made a mistake, I would show you a person who played very small game with the potential he had been offered by universe. Legends make mistakes so the ordinary people. The deciding factor is how you bridge them to your wisdom. The people who lived legendary life in-fact made catastrophic ones. Legends learn from it and move forward whereas ordinary people lean on them and get stuck.

Swami Vivekananda said- The harder you fall the higher you bounce!

I would like to share the examples that changed the course of the lives of mankind –
# Abraham Lincoln made many attempts, trials and errors before becoming the president of USA and worked towards the freedom of slaves.
# Thomas Edison made 10,038 experiments before the fruition of Electric bulb. Poeple called him man of failures before invention of the bulb.
# The Wright brothers made lot of abortive attempts to fly the vehicle in air, which we call Aircraft today. They crashed in fields, mountains and so on before Man took its flight for few minutes and today we can fly for days in air.

I can share 100’s of examples to show the importance of mistakes. I want you to see the new perspective – When these people were going through the process they were termed as fools, failures and out of mind. People criticized them and made fun of them stating them maniacs. They bared the embarrassment & persisted through the process before their efforts came to fruition and they were termed visionary and legendary.

Today. I am sharing story of Man Who revolutionized the Automobile Industry in America and worldwide. Lets know a little bit about Henry Ford and his legacy. Ford Motor Company has been mainly developed by the most famous American industrialist Henry Ford and he also developed the mass production system with the high end assembly line with the high extensive conveyor belt mainly produced at the best lowest price range suitable for reaching the middle-class Americans.

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But this is the end result we are seeing, let rewind a decade before that. Henry made a quite catastrophic mistake while completing his major project of his life. Yeah,I am talking about Henry ford who changed the world but He forgot to put reverse Gear in the first Car he manufactured! Isn’t that sort of a Blunder? you might say how foolish, how anyone can forget/do like that? Such a big project & A car without Reverse Gear! but it happened & He said that’s okay. I made a big mistake. I forgot to put the reverse gear but I am not going to make another mistake by going reverse by fearing the criticism of people around me. I learn and I move forward. 

In real context if you see all the 3 examples (& Henry Ford) shared above they are the mistakes for people who are just seeing them from the mediocre perception but in reality they are the Trials, attempts & experiments which were much needed in the path of discovery. How can you earn the wisdom if you are not willing to experiment, explore & expose yourself to unknown. Wisdom cannot be achieved through perfection or by playing safe!  you need to bold and make some bloopers before you make your biggest discovery i.e knowing the real you. Mistakes are the early lessons before the final chapter of wisdom.

I made lot of mistakes & I still Do!While I was 20, I decided I am going to live the life on my own. In the journey of a decade I made numerous mistakes in my finances, trusting people, making friends, relations and in various endeavors. And you know no matter how much we study, consult or discuss with people and do brain storming, still we still end up making some mistakes. by doing all this You may minimize it to some extent but you cannot avoid them completely. I strongly believe mistakes are part of evolution. you stop making mistakes either when you surrender or give up on your dreams! I would keep making them until I reach my goal of evolving as world class Personality and tapping my highest potential.

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The best is mostly found travelling through the Worst!

We have 2 choices either to choose perfection or path of Mistakes. One is very safe other is quite patchy. I would always choose the path of making mistakes over perfection.why ? Mistakes are not the thing that anyone love, its hurtful and heartbreaking very often but they take the ball forward whereas the habit of perfection paralyze you from beginning and mostly never allow you to start.

See, its okay to make mistakes but its totally unacceptable to stuck there. If you make mistake, Accept it! learn the lesson and move on!  Stop overshadowing your future with the mistakes of the past. You cannot reverse time & avoid them.No one is remembering them in the long term and no one is going to pay you for remembering them. So stop playing the recording on your mind screen again & again. I recommend learn the lesson and Move Forward!

Wisdom cannot be achieved through perfection or be playing safe! @ Mahendra Kapady

– 1Beginner!

-Written by Mahendra Kapady@2019, All Rights Reserved.

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