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Yesterday, we Talked about importance of Enthusiasm in life in order to attain the desired life, the ultimate life of success & few ways to attain it. I f you haven’t please read an interesting article – How To Stay Enthusiastic?

Few people gave me a wonderful feedback for the last post & asked too many question how to move forward. I am sure you must have got few ideas from previous post, by the way its not just a Ctrl+V work, it was my experience through practical application in last 10 years. Some people said they felt pretty overwhelmed by the article, they said in past out of some competition they did set some high goals but couldn’t maintain the resolve for a long duration. In order to take the yesterdays discussion forward, I am sharing a wonderful Idea with you that might ease you a little bit from the feeling of overwhelming. You must be feeling the burden of losing those few extra pounds & Under the question how to have a flexible Waist. You must be scared about the discipline & the patience, commitment that is required to achieve the desired article. And its not wrong but pretty obvious. Why? its because the fight in your mind. I do understand the fight between the Wolves, How the evil wolf paralyzes our thoughts & make us feel like a prisoner if you undertake a change for betterment. If you do not feed the right wolf in right way you end up giving up the discipline. It did happen to me when I took a challenge of running 5 km Marathons.

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Its Not The Weights, But Its The Discipline That Scares People!

How To Make It Simple & Automatic?

So, to make your exercise regimen bit simple & automatic in nature I am sharing a viewpoint that I did apply in my life. Its bit of a mind-shift or mind tactic or you can call as Mind Game. Because real obstacles are in mind than in reality. I am sharing a very very very simple but highly effective idea with you. I discovered this Idea through a book called Mini Habits. when I applied it to my life I found that it works & created wonders. I suggest you to invest some time & refer to it.

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Resolve To Do Just One For A Day!

Just keep a resolve to do one push Up for a Day, Trust Me you would have a whole new level of Health & personality.


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