Hi, Hello!

I am Mahendra Kapady.

You must be wondering why the name 1Beginner? When I was in my teen-age (and early 20s), I was suffering from an inferiority complex. My self-esteem was low, very low. I used to feel shy, underconfident & never felt good while being with myself. I was always under the impression that I am good for nothing. The old poor me attitude. I ran away a lot from people, situation (also from opportunities) I was full of fear & procrastination. The major reason was I used to feel I am not fully prepared, I am not ready.

One day, while I was on the post-dinner walk, I was communicating with myself -“Why I am not improving? Why I am pushing things? I have so so much fear? Why I am not beginning? And the thought struck my mind & I got the answer. I said to myself “Because I am not beginning.” I wanted to be pro but I was not willing to be a beginner. I was terrified of being a beginner. I quickly reverse-engineered my thought process and came to know that my unwillingness to be a beginner is at the core of my low self-esteem.

From that day, I decided to be comfortable as a Beginner. I decided to act even though I was full of fears & not ready. I started pushing myself and started getting comfortable and slowly things started working out for me. I started getting bold, confident and resolving things on my own. This idealogy helped me a lot in my life and continually helping me to go further. I am a big believer and follower of this beginner philosophy. Hence, I chose the name 1Beginner. I always feel comfortable being a newbie/Beginner.

I would also like to share, I am an author of an upcoming book titled Step up to Next Level for personal development and social skills, which is currently is in the editing/pre-publishing phase.

I am excited to share that I have written over 700 articles and published 250+ on this website. The intent of this blog is to Educate, empower people to think with a new perspective towards life.

I encourage you to let’s begin the journey of new you with 1Beginner. It’s been said 50% of your problems can be solved by reading a good book, right content. Read to lead. We would be coming up with tools that can help you to take your life to the next level. stay tuned to 1Beginner.

Mahendra Kapady.