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Do you believe in listening to New People? If you are doing, its great but I did Not!

I was a man of hard wiring, I was Man of my own views, I was Man of my own perception. I was damn reluctant to new ideas & I as into my own world & perception. I was a very bad listener. I had a bad habit of pouring all my views, speculation & ideas onto the person in-front of Me. I used to talk a lot while I am in a conversation (or before getting into a conversation). I had a bad habit of talking to much in order to convince the person in front of me about my knowledge. I used to talk 75% of the time & listen only 25 % of the time (probably listening only when I am tired of speaking or nothing is left to speak). May be I want to impress him/her with my knowledge, may be I want to pose as talented, may be I didn’t want want to accept his views, I really don’t know but I never realized this habit is Bad. I used to feel that I am superlative! I have learned a lot. I was a selective & sort of moody learner & poor listener. I never realized my perception (& some what misconception about my foreknowledge) is coming in between my learning & its getting difficult making new friends & healthy relations.

Back in 2011, I was very reluctant to attend training & learn new things! I used to skip training. I used to attend them only if they are mandatory & forced to attend by reminders through my boss. I used to feel that I know enough about my work why this training is required? What this trainer knows about my Job? These people are non-sense who are going to waste my day. This thinking continued for a long while. In year 2013, I got promoted & I was sent to a training for managerial skills development, I didn’t feel I need to attend it but it was mandatory. So, I had to go there! & too many of my batch-mates were also promoted, so I thought it would be a great get-together, I can have some Fun. So, I went there. In training terms I was a vacationer!

The trainer was a wonderful guy, he was teaching us about team building & team spirit. Importance of team work, people & many more things. I was passing comments & making fun throughout the training, the trainer did ask me to get involved into the training. Too many of us were under some impression & it was same impression that – the concept of discussion (Content of training) is okay in saying & teaching but you cannot apply this in our jobs, our jobs are different. The trainer tried to convince us but still people kept on nagging. So, he took a break for a while & shared this wonderful piece of wisdom. This piece of wisdom opened our eyes & nobody complained after that. The activity was successfully completed. He requested me to listen & I listened on that day & I am listening from that day till now. The effect was so profound that I got attentive to learning New ideas & became interested to listening to new people!

On that special day, I came across this piece of wisdom that changed my view towards the New People, New situations, New relations & learning. I understood the importance of New view & New perspective! At some stage of life we feel that we know too much, We feel what someone new, somebody can help us with our work but trust me you must see this video in order to understand the importance of opening our mind & brain to new things. It can be People, Ideas & Learning. This is only possible by Emptying your cup!

Today, I am sharing a wonderful story from zen philosophy. There is a possibility that you must have heard or somewhere near to this, but this is worth sharing again and again in order to remind the importance of emptying our Cup Time to Time.



So, have you thought about emptying your cup before you initiate a conversation or learning something New? I make it empty time to time & it doesn’t disappoint me at all.


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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