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I am Mahendra Kapady.
I am Life Enthusiast, Novice Self-help Writer, Passionate about Growth, skills & personal development.

I am an author of an upcoming book titled Step up to Next Level for Personal transformation, which is currently is in the editing phase.

I have a tremendous love for writing. I started writing in the year 2016. I started my blog in May 2018. In last 2 years, I wrote over 700 articles and published 250 on this site.

I am really interested in working in the area for personal development, especially to graduate our youth (15 to 35 Age) with life skills. Due to a lack of awareness and skills, I struggled a lot in these years of my life. I invested lot of time, energy to win the fight over my fears. After working for over a decade I feel I am quite confident & equipped to help youth with my ideas, knowledge & experience.

My Life Journey Experience so far.

  1. Did My B Tech in Electrical Engineering from VJTI.
  2. Worked with Adani Electricity as Dy. General Manager. (11 Years)
  3. Read Over 350 books in last 5 years.
  4. Certified Trainer from the Dale Carnegie Institute.
  5. Conducted sessions in schools to guide students for personal development.
MY Image.
Me With Lead Trainer Amit Rathod @ Dale Carnegie Certification.

I am a creative thinker and philosopher by nature.
I am an elite New view Thinker and practitioner, doer & follower of my philosophy. I strongly believe you should preach only what you practice!

I really wish to serve people with my Ideas, Attitude & Noblest intentions, to drive them to be better & evolved human Beings, Responsible individuals.
“I feel that the world is really an exciting place to live if you can ignite the excitement within You”.  Join Us, Be with Us, Together We can!

Never stop learning! Never Stop Growing! Never Stop Dreaming! Be Alive!

If you need any help please fill the contact us form or mail me on 1beginnersystems@gmail.com

Mahendra Kapady.

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